Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finding a new motivation?

I have been very, very, very depressed as of late (the last few months) I get so frustrated with illness and pain and the constants of it. Being mentally connected to running seems to make it only worse, as I see it as something I can't do and long for.

Maybe a new light has shined...?

I have been diving into swimmers accomplishments on the team that I help coach and possibly have found a spark or a reason to try swimming again. Of the swimmers I coach, one has qualified for the National Meet, Two others are tearing up the State meet this weekend in Madison, one of those two are going to be swimming in the  State Games of America this summer since she qualified by winning three gold medals in the Badger games. So these kids might have possibly given me a reason to look at swimming. I believe they could benefit a bit more if I could get in the pool with them and be a training partner this summer. You can only coach so much from the pool deck with age group swimmers.

So I have dusted off the goggles and will be heading back to the pool, probably only one day a week for a bit.

I also think that some of my lupus pain has subsided, but I have been left with a lot of pain still in my IT Band, groin area, etc on my right side. I am going to take a new approach to this and say that I have a Sacroiliac Joint problem which could be causing, Sciatic nerve pain and Piriformis. I am really, really tight in those areas and pretty pressure sensitive in the Piriformis muscle. So, this week I am also going to try and get in to a chiropractor as well as a Myofasial release massage and see what I can do to change that pattern. Who knows... 

Either way, hopefully for awhile swimming allows me to find a new direction to caring for myself and how I treat myself through diet. I am back up to 232 and sick about it, I know I could be up a lot more and not exactly sure why I am not. Bring on a lean and strong 190, I will settle for 205-210 right now, actually I will be excited for 215-220 at first.

So that is my recent life in a nutshell.