Monday, July 30, 2012

Weight loss thread 7-30-2012

SW: 270 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 242

CW: 248
WL: -+ 6 lbs

All I can say for a sure is I was "not" very good to myself diet wise and everything else in my training and life seemed to follow..

15 miles of running, :(
15 mile of walking poor to average
30 miles of bike and rollerblaedes my body was hurting I was fatigued..I found this to be about the only way I could get extra time in... 20 of thes miles were on Sunday and 7 miles were rollerbladding on Saturday... 

I hope things turn a bit for the better this week.. I have so much inflammation of those six lbs gain all of them are inflammation and i probably gained a few in lbs as well, because I did see 239 on the scale on monday or Tuesday.... 

I feel like a 2 if the scale was 0-10 in energy and over all wellness. What I need this week is minimum 20 miles of running I have a 5 mile monster hill technical hill route planned out.hope to swing that 5 times minimum 3 times this week. need to get 21 miles of walking. and any other is bonus.

I am putting my self down for 3 X 20 of core and one weigh session this week as well. I hate every aspect of both but one thing is for certain, after each run my lower back is hurting, I can't keep having a sore back so I need to strengthen the area.. booo..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weight loss thread and weeks totals 7-22-12

SW: 270 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 246

CW: 242
WL: -4 lbs

I question this -4 lbs a bit. I weighed in yesterday at 245 which was still a success because the day after the 246 weigh in a week ago I was up to 251, all poison and sludge.... and yesterday after my big day of hills I was 240..... I think I will know what I really weigh tomorrow. I am happy with the 245 of yesterday and would ecstatic if I weighed in at 242 that will give me a legit chance at 239 in the following week.

I also had a big week of exercising, I say exercising and not running because it was a good mixture of both. I still have today to accomplish so totals could be bumped by 3-6 miles.. but I have hit 45 miles this week with with 17 of them from walking. I had a big day if hills yesterday did 5 bluff climbs in 9.36 miles.. Sport tracks said I had 2,909 of gain and 2,931 of loss.. garmin training center said I had almost 4,000 of gain and of loss.. I tend to think it was closer to the sport tracks.... my honest guess would have been 3,300 of gain and of loss... so combined total of 6,600.... either way the last climb i had to will myself several times.. I was right next to my truck and I was out of energy.. stopped 6 times minimum and sat down.. just to get my heart rate back down.. closer to the bouldering section I was actually getting a little light headed but I rested again and then pulled myself up and over knowing that was the top and could go down from there.. I was so tired that I actually took a wrong turn on one of the trails.. never have done that on this section... any way.. it was a great workout sure to be some benefit from it.. will repeat this one every other week or so hoping for improved strength by the last 2-3 climbs..

It was nice to be on a few of those climbs have not been on two of them since 2010. They are the technical gnarly trails I like.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dances with Dirt 10K

went into this happy to have ran Afton 25K the week before with out to much damage. I have developed a case of shin splints on my left leg need to address that. When I saw the profile and looked at the elevation clearer it was then I realized that this is going to be no average 10K distance even for a trail run.

With my recent learning at Afton about my apparent extreme weakness in climbing I went from a finish time in my head of 1:10-1:15 to thinking I would be out there 1:45. Ok though it would build me up some more strength.

Started the race at the parking lot and went out through a parking lot along a golf course... after a mile we really had not run one thing yet that resembled a trail I was starting to complain..LOL.. finally ducked into some woods maybe around 2 miles, they were not that technical, still complaining.. :) (sorry I like good single track)  this profile is a bit deceiving the second climb is far worse than the first one as the second one does not have any switch backs in the woods like the first... the second one was pretty much just a long up a ski hill hike, and it seemed to never end.... Thank goodness for the down hill section from the 2.5 mile mark to the 3.5 mile mark..I just let it go and did not care about if I fell.. I think I passed at least 20 some runners I did that mile in 8 minutes... there were plenty of places to fall as it was tall grass covering ruts in the trail but I have always been pretty decent at hill bombings and today it worked as well.. once over the ski hill the I should have bombed the second hill down but my quads were already sore from the first one so I just ran it moderate..... from there a flat finish... finished up with a 1:32 so on the low side of my new projected.

Post race was what it was all about for me, Watched Mike Henze come through sub 5 on the 50K and Renee and I sat with him at the finish and we pounded beers for a few hours (4 -5 hours I am thinking) It was nice to sit and enjoy a few with him. As well as we know each other we have never had this opportunity.

I think I will go back to this race again, not sure of which distance... and when.

So, Great run with Wayne Jensen, Great time post run with Mike Henze, always nice to spend some time away with my wife... Win-Win-Win.

Next up for me will be In Yan Teopa 10 Mile in Sept.

Weeks Weigh in 7-15-12

SW: 270 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 255

CW: 246
WL: -9lbs

Kind of surprised by this. I knew I had hit 246 on Friday, BUT.... i drank a lot of beer post Dances with Dirt 10K and coupled it with pizza and more cocktails at night I thought today would be higher... I am going to change my diet for the next 30 days and see what happens, cleaning it up a bit...  Hopeful to see a 215 maybe yet this year.. I am estactic for every lb off with every bit of strength gained.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Afton trail 25K Race report

Saturday I toed the line at my first trail race since 2009. The distance was 25K (15.5 Miles) the surface trails with a cumulative elevation change just shy of 5,000 feet (so not a lot in my opinion but much more than the average runner would expect in a race), my time was 3:35:28 which is certainly not the fastest time I would have ever ran one of these but still averages out to 13:50 mile roughly.  Considering I went in to this race under-trained and one month calendar date from my last Cytoxan treatment I am more than just very pleased, I am ecstatic. I still deal with some small SLE and Neuro  issues most days but for the most part I feel very strong with all last year’s treatments  considered. Attached is a profile of the course in how the hills are.  This gives me a lot of hope that I will continue to have what I consider to be normalcy in my life and why a patient should never discount tomorrow. I believe I will be a better Lupus patient in the future knowing that even if I have a really bad flare again to not give up as my chances are good to be back out enjoying the trails, this race and my past flare also remind me to take as good of care of yourself as possible it can only help you in the future. While physically struggling a bit in my last climb I couldn’t help but to think of how much Lupus and trail running have in common, all you need to do is believe in yourself, do your best to take care of yourself and remember constant forward motion are what will get you to the finish line.

Lesson learned from a running stand point, I have a lot of work in front of me before Sawtooth 100 Mile Sept 6th 2013, although this course has a lot of small hills for the most part this trail is very easy (far easier than any trail that I train on in La Crosse) and with any sort of conditioning the only thing that adds any difficulty to a trained trail runner would be the heat that could come in July, fortunately for me it did not happen this year, the running gods smiled on me and gave me better results than I deserved, but with a sense of humility to train with coming out of it based on my lack there of hill strength. I have also possibly removed this from my race schedule next year, maybe I go up and volunteer instead or run a strong 25? I am not sure if this qualifies as a good training race for Sawtooth; devils advocate could say that it might still make one as long as you run it as it would give me more running than other midwest trail races but I noticed the trail also seemed to have a lot of camber to it which I tend to get injured with... still think I volunteer and then maybe run the Dances with Dirt 50K as a training run instead the following week... well enough babbling

Weeks weigh in 7-7-12

SW: 270 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 254

CW: 255
WL: +1 lb

 No concerns here,  I was really 251 last night, so I will see how much of this is inflammation post race or if I was just deydrated post run and was smart enough to get my hydration up, I believe it is more of the latter. I also did not focus on losing to much this past week, going into a 25K I did not want to cause a nutrition change that would bonk me early and cause more than normal difficulty in my race.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Power Walking

I am going to start adding one day a week right now of power walking 2 miles the goal is 15:00 once that becomes comfortable I will work on getting 4 miles at 1 hour and then eventually 5 miles in an hour. I think once I get the 2 miles at 30 fairly strong I will work on power walking the climbs at Hixon no running just power walk repeats.. this can add two days to my weekly running. and prepare me more for winter power hiking as well.

Weight Loss 7-1-12


SW: 270 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 255

CW: 254
WL: -1 lb

Actually weighed in after yesterdays run at 251 but that was not good as I weighed in before the run at 255. I did a 2:39 minutes 9.78 mile rum with Climb of +2066/-1995 temp was upper 80' lower 90's and humid. I was really tired from the start of this run and found myself being lazy at the top of every little or large hill that I would walk, i kept walking as soon as I noticed it I reminded myself of my goals and to walk those areas were not conducive to my goals. I am pretty pleased since it remained at a 16:40ish pace over all not eh 15 pace I wanted but I was foolish to expect that, I am in more of a 17:50 pace condition so actually I pushed pretty good. I focused on that over all pace the whole way. I need to learn how to power walk maybe one day a week I will try a 2 mile power walk. But not this week. this weekend I have a 25K that I am grossly untrained for hoping for a 4:30 or better but I see the reality being 5:00 since it is very likely to be in the middle 90's that day.  I think I am going to keep this week extra light 2 runs of 3 miles and walk the dog a few miles each day.