Monday, March 3, 2014

National Healthy Eating Month

I know I have mentioned the meditation and mindfulness "tasks" for this week. March is also Healthy eating month. I need to clean mine up a lot, so I will take the lead from media bursts about healthful eating and run with it. I really am not a fan of diets rather healthy lifestyles, the one I subscribe to believeing is right and sustainable would be from the writings of Michael Pollan and specifically his Food Rules .

Lets Get some starting stats to follow.

SW: 249
SBP: 131/87
SP:  77

Pain levels were sky high last night and now that I have made it back to 0 with Prednisone all my little joints are starting to show some signs of pain, plus multiple little mouth ulcers, pretty mild ones though, they show up like little nicks or cuts and dissapear with in 2 days. How much of this can I shut off with mind and food as medicine.. I know that it seems to be my main desire, however I just constantly fall into poor eating and having cocktails.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

MBSR Week 1

Week 1 is one meditation practice from being done.

I find that I do well with it in the early (first 35 minutes), and then in the last 10 minutes I get really anxious, proof positive that I need this. The anxiety I believe comes from wanting to be done. What I actually need is to be Present and ok with not doing. I did have some success in mindfulness in another area; Mindful Eating. I practiced mindful eating atleast 3 times this week with almonds, taking 10 minutes to eat 10 almonds and looking at each almond to realize it is different than the last, taste it and just realize this one tastes like this one and enjoy that almond. My past and really my current is to jam as much food in my mouth as possible with out ever breaking stride until food is out of sight.

Week 2: will be another 7 days of 45 minutes of Body Scan Meditation. I am also going to practice mindful eating everyday with one snack. I am also to add one 5-10 minute seated meditation. I would like to find a easy 5 minute Loving Kindness meditation to add in at some point of the day, maybe right when I wake up. This is the one that I plan on using.

The total time from the week 2 activities should have me practicing being mindful and in the moment for 60-75 minutes a day.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Mind Body Stress Reduction. By Jon Kabat Zinn

My next 8 weeks are dedicated to me and me finding a way to live in the current moment. This means i need to understand that anything that is happening is only happening in this current moment and it is nothing that i should judge or make a decision for my future with. I seem to have a real issue with how i deal with flares, my go to's are food and booze. I really do not have an issue with either one of them, other than i use them for mood control. Time to take this over. Feel free to follow along if you would like. Not sure where this direction will head.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fall off horse get back on

Well that at least seems to be my cycle. I am trying again to fight the mental yuck that comes with a flare and everything that results from it. But I am climbing back on the horse again and making a go of it.