Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 35 and 22 (eating well and running)

I wish I knew the exact dates I had gone off all of my Lupus Medicine but I dont.. roughly I am going to say 3 months no Methotrexate and 2 months no plaquenil.. this is plus or minus 2 weeks.

Starting weight was 240lbs again, so sad and so unhealthy to constantly be gaining and losing weight.
current weight is 219 so down 21 lbs.

I also went Vegan 5 days this week as an experiment, i liked it actually.

missed qi gong this past week due to to much time out of the office, this week I have accupuncture and qi-gong both planned.. ohhh happy days! :)

Finished reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek, read all of Born to Run and started Chi Running last night.

It really strengthened my wants for this and gave me insight on food and running. I don't think the average runner could just go and start eating like Scott Jurek or the tarahumara indians, but I think with enough patience and time one could get there in there food for running. I have a sudden urge to make Pinole and istaska (sp?) Chia Fresca.

Happy to report the running streak is at 22 days today, ran a mile last night in my Vibrams as well, have a little bit of a sliver in my heel feeling, I am sure it is from the one mile run in barefoot shoes... but not worried about it.

Here is to another good week.