Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weigh in 9-29-2012

SW: 271 (6-3-12)

GW: 185 9-6-13 

LW: 218

CW: 220
+ 2lbs... I am fine with that on several levels, one I am flaring so I am full of inflammation, 2. I did not understand the loss of 9 lbs the week before, 3. I am on prednisone which can do funky things to you.. I still plan on being down next week though.

I did manage 4 days of core and three days of weights and I did manage one 5-6 mile run/hike so it was a good week. I hope to get another run hike tomorrow and another on Wednesday... But being back on Chemotherapy meds as of last week and already given the orders to increase them this week I know there will be a few days of not feeling well enough to run/hike.  Food and drink was perfect this week again. Today though will be my exception I have the Oktoberfest parade and I am sticking with tradition if for no other reason than my wife enjoys the parade more if I celebrate with her. so some Bloody marys' stout, and junk food will be eaten.

I switched my goal from 195 to 185.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weigh in 9:23:12

SW: 271 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 227

CW: 218
WL: -9bs  ???? I have no idea how I lost nine lbs. but a miles stone was hit, 50lb mark. :)

TL: 53lbs, 23lbs to go. :) these will take a lot of work I bet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New approach to training

I am done training, I am not sure but I think I get to mental and commit to things that my body was not able to handle and nor is able to handle anymore. I can say that in the past three weeks even while flaring I have "handled" three very nice 5-6 mile hikes, mostly hiking with just a smidge of running thrown in just for the soul.  So I think if I take the training out of what I enjoy maybe I might get to enjoy more of what I enjoy and who knows, I might even be able to enjoy some really long distances in the process.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

weight loss thread and / Goose Bumps 6 hour Run

SW: 271 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 234 (9-2-2012)

CW: 227
WL: -7bs

Weight loss is going well, I did have a bit of a stopage for what ever reason, most likely because my body was flaring awful, could not even pick up a plastic cup. Beack on prednisone and looking at either Chemo again or Benlysta infusions, or other.. If I had my way it would be other, then chemo then Benlysta, but I think my Dr. is thinking Benlysta first... I am going to have a talk with hi and share my feelings on why. and see what he says.

6 Hour Run. Less than a week now until the Goose Bumps 6 hour fun run here in La Crosse, It is a free event held on a 2.77 mile loop any and all donations after expenses will be given to the Local Lupus Alliance Inc. not for profit.. The aid station will have gummy bears, M&M's, Water, licorice, pretzels, Vi Endurance Energy Gels, there are two bathrooms almost right on the course. 80 percent easy rolling trail path 20 percent gravel road. If you would like to show up let me know. richardchrz@Centurytel,.net

Plan on bringing a beverage to drink at the end and hang around for some grilled burgers.

weight loss thread and / Goose Bumps 6 hour Run

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weight Loss thread 9-2-12

SW: 271 (6-3-12)

GW: 195 9-6-13 

LW: 238 (about two weeks ago)

CW: 234
WL: -4bs

Well I was hoping to hit 235 in the following week, so it does not suck that I hit it sooner.... pretty close to perfect on diet and did pretty good on exercise with all things considered. I did mostly core work with some extra focus on strengthening hip flexors. I managed to ride a bike 3 times.. that seems to be an issue but I am not stopping, the issue meaning it hurts my wrists (Lupus arthritis) so bad that it feels like somebody hit them with a baseball bat. Yesterdays 5.2 mile bike ride required 8 very strong Narcotics following through out the day and into the night (roughly 3:00 Am before I was able to get comfortable enough to sleep, and at one point my ankles hurt enough that I felt like I had just run a 100K.. but like I said I am not giving in.. I will continue to at least bike and use it as a mode of transportation. I biked to the farmers market once, that was a 13.8 mile round trip. Tomorrow I plan on biking to the Chiropractor and back that will be roughly 20 miles (will bring a pack to get some groceries, also plan on riding to get my hair cut as well.. plus to the co-op to get groceries so that will end up being probably close to 16-18 mile round trip... I will try and manage one more 5-7 mile ride as well plus 4 days of core... I am looking forward to 231 now and being down 40lbs... and 40 more to go after that. :) I have this refreshed sense of why I am doing this, it is no longer all about needing to be lighter for running but rather, loose the weight, strengthen my lungs, muscles and heart for me and any other benefits (like lighter runner) are going to be just icing on the cake. 

Writing this on 9-3-12 which is my Birthday 40th.. so I had a bigger breakfast today but all healthy foods and planning on hiking later to burn some of it and a dinner with some wine tonight but still a healthy meal is planned.. so I guess I might be up a lb from today but it should only be inflammation not fat.